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Japonica Shrub At Japonica Cottage The Good Life Gold Award To Japonica Cottage For Wildlife Garden From Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust 2014



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Japonica Cottage Kitchen Garden Home Grown Vegetables, Grow Your Own The Good Life The Cottage Garden at Japonica Cottage Kitchen Garden Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly Feeding On Scabious "Butterfly Blue". Great Spotted Woodpecker Bumblebee Feeding On Valerian. Homemade Hedgehog House

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We live in an idyllic cottage, Japonica Cottage, the origins of which date back to the early 1800's in a small English village located on the Gloucestershire/Worcestershire borders, in the cotswolds.


Here, we garden organically, living the good life in the country!

We are Paul & Nikky and we purchased Japonica Cottage in 1999 with the intention of living a "normal" life in attractive surroundings. We soon realised that just pottering with garden would not be enough to satisfy our growing interest in becoming more self-sufficient, to garden organically and wanting to "grow your own".

From the outset we knew we wanted to garden organically with this new garden. Having a garden which was essencially a blank canvas when we arrived, we soon developed grand ideas of creating an ornimental kitchen garden at Japonica Cottage. We aspired to grow as much home grown produce as we could in order to indulge in making home made jams, jellies, chutneys and preserves.

The black & white cottage was the main focus for creating a traditional cottage style garden full of old fashioned self-seeding annuals which we knew would be good for beneficial insects and garden wildlife.

We have attempted everything we do with enthusiasum and have achieved a mixture of results. On our website you will find out more information gained from our own experiences.

Explanation of how we arrived at Japonica Cottage and what "pushed" us towards self-sufficiency.

We discuss how we garden organically, including the purchase of additional land to enlarge the original plot.

We are DEFRA registered with the Egg Inspector and keep a flock of some 50 chickens. We also keep and breed some Indian Runner Ducks.

We talk about home grown fruit and vegetables, harvesting and how to "grow your own".

We will share some of our tried and tested recipes using our home grown produce.

We are members of The Indian Runner Duck Association and keep Bleu Gelb Indian Runner Ducks, which we breed from time to time.

We are members of The Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust and in 2014 was awarded a "Gold" for their "Living Gardens for Wildlife" scheme.

See posts and comments. If you enjoy our posts, do feel free to leave any comments.

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