• Glue Bands

    It's the right time of the year now to apply grease or glue bands to fruit and ornamental trees.

    Generally, these can be applied anytime between October and April, but the earlier the better.

    The purpose of grease/glue bands is to form a barrier around the trunk of the tree against insects such as winter moths. The bands will also protect against earwigs, adult vine weevil and other crawling insects.

    Applying fresh bands in early May until August will protect your trees against ants.

    The bands are made from a special non-toxic, non-drying glue which is coated onto green, waterproof paper. Most insects will not try to cross the barrier, any that do will be caught. The green colour of the band is not attractive to beneficial insects.

    We have an ornamental japanese cherry blossom tree in the garden and most years the leaves become full of holes which is a shame, because later in the year they change to the most beautiful golden yellow colour as they fall for the autumn.


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